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Our friend Shylah Addante, team member of Down with the Capitol and writer of the Finnick and Annie and The Hanging Tree shorts from Mainstay Productions, has asked us for help, and we are turning to you, dear fandom!


Using donorschoose.org and with the Hunger Games fandom’s help, she is looking to fund teachers across the country to get The Hunger Games in classrooms and libraries.

We have always lauded The Hunger Games for presenting issues like inequality and poverty in a very real way and making them accessible and teachable to the teens and young adults that read the books. But there is a very real problem. Many schools and classrooms simply cannot afford to get the Hunger Games books.

Take a minute to read Shylah’s story below. We hope that it’ll inspire you to give what you can to classrooms in need and spread the word.

When you donate please place the following somewhere in your personal message:
“I gave to this project because I’m with the Mockingjay and support a literacy revolution in American classrooms. #books4tributes”
When you tweet about donating please use #books4tributes.
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