The Mockingjay is coming.

If you have the Blu-Ray you can access this cool feature! 


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They put a very good amount of bts content in the post production section, but I still wish there was more. MOAR SPECIAL FEATURES!

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whatever it takes to break you

I’m so sorry that you’re so misunderstood and that people label you as cold and a girl with an attitude like it’s a bad thing, when you have every right to lock your feelings away and to be cold after everything you experienced. I’m so sorry people blame you for being “weak” in Mockingjay because you finally break, but for me that was when you were at your strongest. You finally let yourself feel pain, emptiness, and heartache, while at the same time, still fighting for a nation and people that needed you to be their leader. You still fought a war when you lost everything. 

nailed it.

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The Catching Fire score is SO GOOD on so many levels. If you wanna know the ins and outs of it, check out our Catching Fire Score Analysis.

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