ASOS chats to Sam Claflin, about his new horror film, The Quiet Ones, weird phobias and what it’s like to be up against Chris Hemsworth for the Best Shirtless Performance MTV Movie Award.

Do you think we're really getting a trailer for Mockingjay part 1 at the MTV movie awards??
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It’s hard to tell if these rumors stem from a credible source or if it’s just the bi-annual MTV awards show speculation. Every year rumors float around for THG related content whether it’s the movie awards or VMAs, and it always seem to be perpetuated by Tumblr. So as always I don’t know what to believe. They are done shooting Part 1 so they could easily put something together, however it will probably be barely anything as usual. But lately we’ve been so starved for news the THG fandom will take anything!


The large stone objects in the ‘Mockingjay’ set photos are called Czech hedgehogs. They are an anti-tank defense that were widely used by Soviets in World War II. Czech hedgehogs were especially effective in urban combat, where a single hedgehog could block an entire street. They became a symbol of “defence at all cost” in the Soviet Union. Sounds like a perfect fit for The Capitol.

We are back from our hiatus with BIG NEWS. I mean huge news.

We’ve been gone from the interwebs for awhile, waiting around for Mockingjay news. Honestly we got tired of waiting and decided to hop on over to the Divergent camp.


We’re now a Divergent fan site, deal with it. I mean, look at our header. Legit. So what should you guys do? Stick around since there’s apparently nothing going on in The Hunger Games fandom and relish in the fiery tattooey goodness that is Welcome to Dauntless.

So what made us switch over? Well it could be the books, that most of us here at Welcome to Dauntless have read and really enjoyed. You could say it was the film because -HEY- that was pretty well adapted, I must say. But I think the biggest reason of all is that we were so convinced from pretty much every media outlet ever that kept telling us it’s just like The Hunger Games! I mean, they must be the same if the media says so right?! It’s not like it has a different story or character dynamics or circumstances. It couldn’t POSSIBLY stand on its own, it’s gotta rely on THG for people to take an interest in such things. I mean it’s not like there are OTHER books/stories that exist or anything, right? But man, wouldn’t that be crazy?

By the way, if anyone in the L.A. area needs a Sarcastaball coach please contact us.


"People of Panem, we fight, we dare, we end our hunger for justice!"