In case you missed our coverage of #FinnickWatch2012 here’s what we have:

Rumored front-runners plus some other interesting tidbits

It’s NOT Taylor Kitsch

Furthermore, our good friend Shylah put together this VERY INFORMATIVE #FinnickWatch2012 FAQ! People of Tumblr, PLEASE READ!!


What We Know For Sure:

  • Robert Pattinson will NOT play Finnick. Rob has confirmed that he is not in the running for Finnick.(Source)
  • Taylor Kitsch will NOT play Finnick. Taylor has confirmed that his is not in the running for Finnick.(Source)

What Is Pretty Likely:

  • Casting for Finnick in underway. With filming now being rumored to begin in July instead of August, it is very likely that casting for the new Catching Fire characters has begun. Also, multiple coinciding rumors of frontrunners indicates that there is at least a little casting action happening behind the scenes.(Source)
  • Scenes being used for Finnick Reading include the sugar cube scene and jabberjay scene. Since the onset of casting, it has been stated over and over again that whoever plays Finnick will have to have great acting range. These two scenes are a good measure of someone’s ability to play both sides of the spectrum of Finnick’s character. (Source)
  • An unknown actor could still play Finnick. As casting is ongoing, the role of Finnick could be played by anyone (except for Robert Pattinson and Taylor Kitsch). (Source)

Rumors With Little Justification:

  • Finnick down to two frontrunners: Taylor Kitsch and Garret Hedlund. Other reports have indicated that there are no frontrunners for Finnick, that casting just began on Tuesday, May 29, and Taylor Kitsch has openly stated that he is not interested in playing Finnick. Also, the original source for the rumor, HollywoodLife, is not a very reliable source. (Source)
  • Finnick down to three frontrunners: Taylor Kitsch, Garret Hedlund, and Armie Hammer. Aside from naming the three most popular fancasts for Finnick as the frontrunners, other reports have indicated that there are no frontrunners for Finnick, that casting just began on Tuesday, May 29, and Taylor Kitsch has openly stated that he is not interested in playing Finnick. Also, the source for this news, E!online, is not a very reliable source. (Source)

Shit People Made Up/Assumed:

  • Finnick casting will be announced on Friday, June 1. There are a lot of problems with this- the most blatant being that it was never said. E!Online mentioned that Finnick casting could happen as early as this week, but that was never concrete. Also, information about casting beginning on May 29 and still ongoing, make it unlikely that any official casting decision will be made. It could happen, but it is not definite, and not even likely. Also, the source, E!online, is not very reliable. (Source)
  • Garret Hedlund is the last frontrunner for Finnick.The frontrunner reports are rumor at best, and should not be the basis for anyone to make hard assumptions. Garret might very well be in the running, but the rumors of his frontrunner status are shaky at best. His reps have neither confirmed or denied his interest in the role. The only thing that is true is that other rumored frontrunner, Taylor Kitsch, is not interested in the part.
  • Armie Hammer is out of the running for Finnick Odair. Any reports of frontrunners or actors auditioning for the role are unconfirmed and just rumors at this point. Armie does have a busy fall schedule that might preclude him from the role, but neither he or his reps have commented on his audition status. Also, HollywoodLife is not a very reliable source. (Source)
  • My favorite fancast isn’t being considered for Finnick! The truth is we don’t know who is being auditioned for the role. Casting is ongoing and the part is pretty desirable. Just because your favorite fancast hasn’t been mentioned in the reports does not mean he’s out of the running.

Addendum to Shit People Made Up/Assumed:

A Catching Fire cast list will be released on Friday, June 1, 2012. First off, nowhere, not even in the spectrum of rumor, has the phrase ‘cast list’ come up. While there is a slight, slim chance that Finnick casting could come as early as 6/1/2012, no one is going to get a comprehensive cast list. It goes against how Lionsgate announced casting for Hunger Games— which was a slow, controlled leak of names that lasted almost a month. This was a calculated move done to build hype and excitement for the film. There is no way they’ll just publish a piece of paper this time around with a list of names. It makes no sense and doesn’t fit their model.

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