JediShywalker: Please note that this Philip Seymour Hoffman is from those GREAT sources that often leak official news. An offer has...


Credibility Rater:

  1. Official: Lionsgate. That’s it. No one else will have official word but them. All Lionsgate press releases come through their official twitter: @LionsgateNews.
  2. Best for Unofficial Casting News: THR, Deadline, Variety. These are vetted entertainment news sources with solid contacts in the industry. They will be some of the first to report when an offer is made to an actor.
  3. Every Rumor Every Time: E!online, Lainey Gossip, Perez Hilton. These sites want hits. Finnick will get them hits so they publish just about everything they hear according to their source (you know, the guy who has a cousin who has a friend that works in the office across the street from Lionsgate.) SOMETIMES they’ll post something true and get the scoop (as with Lainey and Jennifer Lawrence as Katniss). You’ll have a hard time, however, wading through the shit to find something real.
  4. Don’t Trust Them, You’ll Just End Up Getting Hurt: Personal blogs, Unvetted Facebook and Twitter Pages, Uncredited Posts on Tumblr. Seriously, there’s a LOT of trolls out there and even more people who are unknowingly spreading FALSE information. Anything from one of these sources could very well be just shit someone made up (like that freaking Robert Pattinson rumor
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