1. aliceandcaptainjack answered: So very excited.
  2. evordeen answered: Very. I’m nervous for Finnick though, because I feel like in order to be a true fan I have to be the first one to know who they’ve casted.
  3. breadinhotchocolate answered: jfgjfgkdghkxdfhdxfhfx
  4. truth-or-claiire answered: EXTREMELY EXCITED!!!!!!!!
  5. jenny-jen-mo answered: fuck yeah!!!
  6. mrpink627 answered: more excited than what is remotely socially acceptable
  7. ausomejen answered: As Effie is on reaping day!
  8. the-girl-with-bread answered: :DDDDDD
  9. universe-wants-to-be-noticed answered: omg yes this awesome feeling of excitement comes back, it’s overwhelming omg yeeeesss akdsfjlsdnclx
  10. thinkinghatesme answered: REALLY EXCITED
  11. victoryforthe20s answered: Freaking excited at the perfect casting!
  12. jedimastereverdeen answered: Super Excited! Let’s hope today begins a chain reaction of official announcements for casting Catching Fire!
  13. solvingcrimesandfightingmonsters answered: we are one step closer!!!
  14. theboywiththebread-thegirlonfire answered: omg excited because we finally get to see this fandom happy again. and PSH will be so perfffffffffffff.
  15. biliepiper answered: WORDS CANT EXPLAIN.
  16. theowlcave answered: EXTREMELY EXCITED, Jena Malone and Seymour Hoffman are brilliant casting choices
  17. henrybranwells answered: Don’t forget the Johanna casting! Jena Malone is going to kill it!
  18. polbenjo answered: 500 % excited #500 days!!!
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