So these Sam Claflin rumors are getting crazy! Thoughts guys?

We’ve been duped before by rumors, which is why I’m not sure of anything, what about you guys?

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  1. eatsleepbreathesupernatural answered: i honeslty can’t say whether i believe or not… but i hope it’s not true
  2. tripleminded answered: I hope so :)
  3. seepintomybones answered: i think they’re true but there’s a part of me that doesn’t want them to be, although sam is OKAY..
  4. paradise-freedom answered: I just want Finnick to be a super hot guy :I…
  5. jenny-jen-mo answered: I
  6. emma-on-broadway answered: I don’t believe any rumors until they’re confirmed by Lionsgate, here:…
  7. theowlcave answered: I think they are true. Most of the other rumors have been quckly confirmed to be false but this one is getting more confirmation
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