We’re going to the Santa Clarita Walmart #hungergamesDVD event! Got a question?

What RIDICULOUS question should we ask Dayo and/or Jack Quaid? Tell us!

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  1. thedevilsprada answered: what’s their opinion on sandwiches
  2. ausomejen answered: How many copies of the DVD will they buy?
  3. amandatree answered: I heard that for alot of the cast that filming the hunger games felt like camp; so did you ever have the urge to make s’mores.
  4. grosslysobbingfangirl answered: I can’t think of anything appropriate :P
  5. jenny-jen-mo answered: Are zebras white with black stripes or black with white stripes?
  6. johannnamasonnn answered: Ask Jack if he breastfeeds goats
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