Look what happened down at TheCapitolisWatching…
Q: You have a way with words.

Now, to address your outspoken anger:

Do keep in mind, this year’s Games are already planned, to the finest detail. Months of meticulous planning and timed releases are pinpointed to the last second.

The only thing we cannot plan is how you will react, and how your organization will help Panem overall. Do know: It is not our job to make things easy for you. It is not our job to pave the way. Your complaints and voices mean nothing to us in the Capitol.

If you work together, you may stand a chance. But then again - working together is against Capitol policy. Districts are to be broken apart, and we will see to it that we succeed.

Let this be a message to those “following along”: Let the Games Begin.

- Gamemakers Anon


Now that’s more like it.

You hear that my dear followers? The sound of a challenge? Well, my dear Gamemakers, let it be known that we will stand together, we will unite, and we will play our lovely part in these games.

For so long the people of Panem have lost your games. Yes, we have had one victor but one victor is not enough anymore.

Watch out, Capitol, because your people are angry. We are tired but more importantly we are hungry. Our freedom will be the food in our stomachs and your defeat will be our beds we lie in.

People of Panem, I call to you to become stronger in our alliance. Let the Capitol know how united out front is. Write, show your pride in photos and art, let your voices be heard, tag your posts panemoctober, show your unity. NEVER BREAK THE UNITY THAT WE HAVE ESTABLISHED WITH EACH OTHER.

Our families have been torn apart but here is where we regain ourselves. We are each others family now.


BRING IT, GAMEMAKERS. This is exactly why we have lists of everyone in their districts. To promote unity and communication between everyone in the districts. We are banding together and you can’t stop us.

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