Just like we had done a few weeks ago, we must take control of our Districts. It has been completely too quiet around here lately. It has been too relaxed, that is NOT good to our cause.

For only the hour between 8PM and 9PM EST on Wednesday May 18th, let your voices and anger be heard. This is the time to let the Capitol know exactly what they have done to you, your family, and your friends. Let them know exactly what you want and what your Districts need.

These hours we need to unite.

We will be united as one.

In this hour I will accept and post (without question) Voices of Panem, District Pride, Citizen’s of Panem, and any other media or writings from the many citizens living in Panem’s hardship. So, please, even if you have very little to say, that is more powerful than nothing. Post on your blog, twitter, and our blog..

My dear Districts, we are getting restless and angered in our silence. Let’s let our voices be heard!

In this hour you will Tag each post Nightlock and for twitter #Nightlock (also, Panemoctober/#Panemoctober)

The Capitol is Watching’s Twitter: UncoveringPanem


Also, in other news, the ask and submit boxes are open to Voices of Panem, District Pride, and any other ideas you guys have.

We must come together.

We must be united.

Come on guys, we need a lot of support to get the Gamemakers attention. We really need to have the citizens of Panem’s voices heard!! THIS WEDNESDAY, MAY 18th FROM 8-9 EST

remember to follow TheCapitolisWatching’s twitter: UncoveringPanem

remember to tag your tweets with #panemoctober and #nightlock

also FuckYeahDistrict12’s twitter: FYeahD12


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