LIVE TONIGHT! #75 Hunger Games Fireside Chat: The Wright Stuff


Episode 75 of Hunger Games Fireside Chat will air LIVE tonight (Monday, 9/10/12) at 10pm ET (7pm PT). 

In addition to talk about Jeffrey Wright, who was revealed as our Beetee last Friday, we’ll also help a friend of ours make a FANDOM-SHAKING ANNOUNCEMENT that you will NOT want to miss!

Click here for complete details about tonight’s episode, including our panelist line-up and info on how to listen LIVE. 


I hope everyone realizes we will NOT be reblogging/posting anything made with illegally obtained footage of the movie.

We’ve been seeing gifs of things there shouldn’t be gifs of yet. Not only are they major visual spoilers and we don’t want to ruin these magical moments for anyone who wasn’t lucky enough to go to a midnight showing, but it is incredibly disrespectful to the filmmakers who have been so unbelievably awesome to this fanbase and it’s really disappointing to see people whose blogs we enjoyed throwing it in Lionsgate’s faces.

Not to mention it’s illegal and could get your Tumblr deleted or, worse, bring legal trouble upon you since you’re basically advertising the fact that you have an illegally obtained copy of the movie.

-Tiffany & Courtney