thg meme: ten characters — Clove [7|10]

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Jennifer: Don’t worry sweetie, you can put your entire body weight on me!

Isabelle: This is my entire body weight!


LOL I’ve been waiting ages for someone to gif this!


I’ve heard complaints about people cheering during this scene because it’s not a cheer-worthy moment since we shouldn’t be celebrating Clove dying. But I completely disagree, I believe people are cheering for a number of reasons. 1. They are cheering Thresh. It’s Thresh’s big moment! 2. They are cheering Katniss’ life being spared. What’s not relieving about that? 3. Clove, although is still a victim of the Capitol’s games, is a crazy sadistic little girl. She takes too much pleasure at giving Katniss a slow and painful death. She also relishes Rue’s death. I think we should give the audience some slack here. You cannot blame them (especially those who haven’t read the books and don’t know yet the big picture) for cheering at this scene. On five separate occasions I have seen the audience cheer every single time without fail. Besides, look how happy it made Dayo!

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