With Julianne Moore’s casting that makes 3 THG actors whose fictional parents turned out to be dictator presidents in Panem


That one time when President Snow was Finnick’s dad


And Johanna’s dad


And that other time when President Coin was Peeta’s mom


4th Catching Fire Still Released by #HungerGamesExplorer

OOOHWEEE!! This is our first official look at Philip Seymour Hoffman as Plutarch is the fourth Catching Fire image to be released by Hunger Games Explorer. Just one more to be released before the teaser trailer is debuted at the MTV Movie Awards!

Uhh hey… President Snow seems to be sitting in a very familiar chair…

Monday March 26:

  • Donald Sutherland - Good Morning America - ABC
  • Liam Hemsworth - Conan - TBS
  • Elizabeth Banks - The Tonight Show with Jay Leno - NBC
Tuesday March 27
  • Josh Hutcherson - Conan - TBS
Thursday March 29
  • Liam Hemsworth - The Tonight Show with Jay Leno - NBC
NerdTears.com Interviews Hunger Games stars

Kevin McCarthy interviews Jennifer Lawrence, Josh Hutcherson, Liam Hemsworth, Donald Sutherland, Lenny Kravitz and Elizabeth Banks.

He asks them which of their previous characters would and wouldn’t survive in the arena, staying who you are in the industry, how far off we are on The Hunger Games becoming reality, and much more!

ComingSoon.net interview with Donald Sutherland!

He talks goes in depth about who President Snow is, discusses the clip with Seneca Crane that was posted earlier and the Occupy movement.

Check it out, it’s very interesting hearing him talk about his character.

Donald Sutherland gushing about Jennifer Lawrence:
  • Interviewer: So I was just talking to Jennifer Lawrence and she was-
  • Donald Sutherland: You were talking with one of the most brilliant actors of our time.
  • Interviewer: Wow.
  • Donald Sutherland: Oh my goodness. No question.
  • Interviewer: Oscar Nominee? Jennifer Lawrence, yes?
  • Donald Sutherland: No question. You look at that child, you look at her on screen you will see, sometimes Elizabeth Taylor in National Velvet. You look over there you'll see the Mona bloody Lisa!
  • Interviewer: Wow.
  • Donald Sutherland: She is extraordinary. And she takes into herself that character so perfectly, so emblematically.
  • Interviewer: She's just a very emotional actress on screen. Like you can really feel what she's feeling.
  • Donald Sutherland: No, she's not playing on emotions, no. She is an actor who is capable of filling a character with intelligence, with sensibility, with innocence, with emotion, everything. And with her strength. Ahhh. She is brilliant.