"when the quarter quell is announced, it’s the first time that Effie realizes not only how unfair the games are but how cruel the capital is and to what lengths they will go to maintain their power." - Elizabeth Banks

(Source: peetas-token)


Quarter Quell Fashion Emerges

It is officially time for summer with the announcement of the Quarter Quell coupled with District 12 Escort, Effie Trinket, and her astounding butterfly ensemble. Artistically composed of over two hundred genuine adornments arranged in synchronized repose.  Coordinated with beautiful miniature details accenting the eyes, Effie Trinket’s seasonal look has our fashion hearts fluttering!


The sleeves, undoubtedly the focus of this piece, are luxurious, fur-like, and custom-dyed with a pattern reminiscent of feathers.  With a bodice and skirt of cobalt blue patent leather, perfectly cinches Effie’s waist with laser-cut golden overlays.  Ms. Trinket’s signature curly wig, worn high, is voluminous with not a single hair out of place. Its warm tone teases towards orange, our color of the season. 


Alexander McQueen

Why shade just your eyes when you can shade your entire face? Protect that alabaster skin with this gravity-defying metallic visor masterpiece, sure to be the perfect accessory when walking through the Capitol.

Capitol Couture is back and this Spring’s issue is “Chroma Nouveau”!