This time last year we were at the midnight showing of The Hunger Games!

And Gary Ross himself introduced it!

Sign the "Hunger Games Fans want Catching Fire in 2014" Twitition.

Gary Ross has decided not to direct Catching Fire because of time constraint issues. Please sign if you want Lionsgate to push back the release date of Catching Fire to 2014 so that Gary Ross can come back and give this film the attention and love it deserves. #CatchingFire2014

As eager as everyone is to see Catching Fire, we’re worried about a rush job with any director at the helm. Let Lionsgate know that we WILL wait for a quality movie.

Conflict With Fox May Have Cost Us Gary Ross

The Hollywood Reporter is saying that Fox’s needing Jennifer for the X-Men sequel in January gave Gary Ross very little time to prep and shoot Catching Fire, causing him to bow out of directing.