whatever it takes to break you

I’m so sorry that you’re so misunderstood and that people label you as cold and a girl with an attitude like it’s a bad thing, when you have every right to lock your feelings away and to be cold after everything you experienced. I’m so sorry people blame you for being “weak” in Mockingjay because you finally break, but for me that was when you were at your strongest. You finally let yourself feel pain, emptiness, and heartache, while at the same time, still fighting for a nation and people that needed you to be their leader. You still fought a war when you lost everything. 

nailed it.



FAME: Suzanne Collins – HUNGER GAMES 1st look - digital out 3/20 

FAME: Suzanne Collins – creator of the HUNGER GAMES
Writer: Sara Gundell
Artist: Niño Harn Cajayon
In print and digital
Since leaving behind a career in children’s television, Suzanne Collins has made her mark on the world with her best-selling young a
dult book series, The Hunger Games— now about to become a feature film. “FAME: Suzanne Collins” offers a look at how events in her life helped shape the series that would make her a household name.

Digitally on Itunes, Nook, Kindle and More! and in print here!

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