While it is exciting that he may be Lawrence’s first choice, there are many factors at work that need to be considered on Armie’s side that still remains to be seen. Don’t get too excited, Armie fans! This is still just a rumor and nothing is official until Lionsgate confirms.

Real or not real? Finnick Fan Favorites Make it to the Final Rounds

The best rumor yet that might actually be real?!


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Armie Hammer for Finnick fans?

Hey you! Yea, you know who you are!

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haha they are in the same pic before they even like knew eachother

Oh look and behind Jen giving an interview is Armie Hammer. This is officially the perfect picture.

omg I think that you’re right

Okay if this really is Armie, this is fate and he should totally be cast as Finnick, the end!

Yep, that’s Armie! It has to happen now, everyone call Francis Lawrence’s lawyer/agent/representation right now.

It’s Armie! This needs to happen. How do we get this to happen?!

This is epic.

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“How do you bear it?”

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They enlisted me to make this, so I thought I’d share! Even though Garret Hedlund is my top pick for Finnick, I’m rooting for Armie Hammer as well. :)

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May the odds ever be in your favor.

FUCKING SWEET. There’s never enough Finnick on the interwebs