hi, I have just created a Hunger Game blog called 'herboywithbread'. I was wondering if you could create a post promoting it to get word of it out to fellow fans of the hunger games!
how did u put the catching fire widgetop down there because i keep on trying and i cant??
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I stuck it in the actual HTML code for the theme. Sorry I can’t help you.

I feel like Miller would be a better choice. I'm not worried about him handling the effects because if we looked back in Gary's movies before THG, none of them had anything similar with the hunger games yet he managed to make a fantastic movie even though it wasn't his type. So Miller would definitely surprise us just like Ross plus he's good at making a really engaging, emotional movie just like Moneyball. Of course I would maybe rather have a different director other than Miller or Lawrence.

That’s a fair point, but then again, I’ve heard a lot of criticism about the effects in The Hunger Games, not that I necessarily agree with those criticisms but they’re there. Court and I were both hoping that whoever stepped in did have some action experience BUT a lot of Catching Fire is emotional story stuff so I see why Miller would be a choice and a good one. Like I said, I’d be happy with either, but just because a director is Oscar nominated doesn’t mean that they are necessarily the best fit for a movie. 

If Miller gets offered the director’s chair, he will be forced to push back a movie that he’s been trying to get off the ground, that has just added Mark Ruffalo to the cast, and that is more his type of movie to direct. So it might even just come down to whether or not he’s willing to make himself available for it. -T

I would personally prefer Miller over Lawrence. Lawrence's background is mostly in music videos. Plus Miller was Oscar nominated for Moneyball and Capote.
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I’m a bit torn with this because both of them are strong in what the other lacks. Lawrence has experience with effects (you see how he transformed New York for I Am Legend?) which will be very necessary for Catching Fire, plus he has experience in “world building” since he directed a few episodes of Kings (including the pilot). Miller has the credentials of being Oscar nominated and I liked Moneyball but he has no experience in directing large scale movies with tons of effects, which Lawrence does. Really, I’d be happy with either. Lawrence does have the advantage of having an open schedule which Miller doesn’t. - T

I wrote a blog post on my thoughts about how I think 'Catching Fire' should be split into two films, instead of 'Mockingjay.' I'd love to get y'all's thoughts & y'all's followers opinions!! Thanks!! p.s. LOVE y'all's tumblr :)

Here’s the post, check it out!

As for my opinion, I’m sorry but I’m pretty sure I can speak for Courtney as well in saying that we’re for splitting Mockingjay and against splitting Catching Fire. There’s a lot that happens in Mockingjay that takes a lot more time to show than it does to read on paper. I mean, there’s a whole WAR going on in Mockingjay.

Splitting Catching Fire would unfortunately produce a pretty boring Part 1 movie, since a lot of it is angst and very little actual action towards the beginning, plus the Quarter Quell is actually quite short, everyone dies off pretty quickly and it ends prematurely.

lovely blog<33

Thank you!

What's #Hungergames24?
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10AM PST, you’ll find out!

Really? Because it says on my DVR that at 12:30 am tonight, Entertainment Tonight is on, and it mentions "The Hunger Games" in the description . . .
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That might just be a re-airing of it. They wouldn’t air Entertainment Tonight that late at night.

could you please give me a link for the effie picture and the katniss one?
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A link? I’m not sure what you’re asking. The stills we just posted are from Empire magazine. They were taken from the iPad version of the magazine.

Okay does midnight release mean the evening on 22nd? or evening 23rd?
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That means the evening on the 22nd!