Jeffrey Wright Talks About Hunger Games Fan Passion

When we stumbled upon this interview with Jeffrey Wright, we had to post this ASAP. In this interview, Jeffrey talks about how deeply the fans connect with the series based on his trip to Comic-Con. What is SUPER NIFTY for us is that he mentions the meet & greet with the fan sites because he asked us all the same question: “Why are you so passionate about this stuff?”

We’ve always been really thrilled about Jeffrey Wright playing Beetee, but seeing the respect he had for the fans at Comic Con was so refreshing. He truly understands, and as fans that means the world to us.


Beetee - Capitol Portrait 

A stellar job and perfect demonstration as to why his outfit is SO PERFECT!

Fansite Exclusive: Beetee’s Capitol Portrait!

Welcome To District 12 is proud to be one of the #CapitolTastemakers (12 Hunger Games Fansites), and so today we bring to you the special ‘Fansite Exclusive’ release of the Beetee Capitol Portrait!

We would like to thank The Capitol for this distinguished honor.


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He’s #EccentricAndElectric & coming your way. Tomorrow, 10am PT, straight from the #CapitolTastemakers.