Katniss and Peeta nominated for MTV’s “Ship of 2014”

You can cut the sexual tension surrounding this category with a knife since it celebrates the best unspoken (and sometimes scandalous!) relationships across the fandom universe.


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I turn spontaneously to Chaff and offer my hand. I feel my fingers close around the stump that now competes his arm and hold fast. And then it happens. Up and down the row, the victors begin to join hands. Some right away, like the morphlings or Wiress and Beetee. Others unsure but caught up in the demands of those around them, like Brutus and Enobaria. By the time the anthem plays its final strains, all twenty-four of us stand in one unbroken line in what must be the first public show of unity among the districts since the Dark Days.

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- It’s not her! It’s just a jabberjay, it’s not her.
- How do you think they got that sound? Jabberjays copy.

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do you think Lionsgate would make any spin-off movies of the hunger games? i think it would be awesome if they did
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Oooooh this is a very interesting question!

The story (trilogy) feels pretty complete by itself to us, so we don’t really know what a spin-off could be about if there was one! What do you guys think it could be about? Send us your thoughts!