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Cato and Clove have been cast! All of the tributes have been reaped!

Congratulations to Isabelle and Alexander!
Welcome to the 74th Hunger Games!


Shelby Young Has Read The Hunger Games Script, Interested in Clove



Actress Shelby Young let us know via Twitter tonight that she’s the friend who Cassi Thomson referred to in her interview with Zap2it when she said ”My friend who read the books tells me that I could play Foxface.”

Shelby, 18, then revealed to us that she’s also received a copy of the script (she said it’s great!) and that she’d love to audition for the role of Clove.
Source: The Hob

Hunger Games Characters

Submitted by illthinkofitlater:

Again, awesome character art!!

What’s funny is that this was next on the list of Hunger Games fan art to post from Deviant Art. I think it works better this way — straight from the actual artist!!!!

30 Day Challenge!

Day 15: Your Least Favorite Tribute (aside from Peeta/Katniss):

I can’t decide between Cato and Clove. Their both huge dicks in the first book. You can imagine why I hate them, and its mostly cause they are a big threat to Katniss. I was terrified when Clove had Katniss pinned down when she was trying to get Peeta’s medicine. The fact that she was planning on giving Katniss a long and slow death made my hatred for her increase a lot. But I’m pretty sure the reader is meant to hate those characters since they threaten the life of the main character.