"One of the outer districts, this is nonetheless a crucial one. These brave and hardy workers descend deep into the earth each day to mine the coal that keeps our nation running."

District 12, represent!


Hunger Games: Katniss Everdeen - Beautiful Fighter from District XII.

Henry Mill Village closes and Courtney RAGES

Well, it finally happened. Reports of Henry Mill Village vandalism over the past year has at last forced the owner to close the District 12 set for public viewing. To which, I say GOOD FOR YOU Wade Shepherd!

"Hunger Games” movie buffs and other sightseers will no longer be allowed on a property that served as the home of the movie’s heroine.
Wade Shepherd said people will no longer be allowed on the property of Henry River Mill Village without his written consent.

Shepherd made the decision after dealing with brazen vandalism.
“Because of theft and destroying things, I don’t want anybody else on the village,” he said.
Rather than just sightseeing from the safe distance of the sidewalks of the property, folks have been taking everything from wood boards from the old store to window frames from homes.
You know people, things that are out there for the public to view ARE NOT for you to jack stuff whenever you please. Not only are you stealing, but you are stealing the hopes and dreams of Hunger Games fans all over the world who had not yet gotten a chance to admire the District 12 set. Oh, and if this doesn’t make you mad, there’s this gem:

Shepherd said he found six girls from Raleigh each taking a window frame from houses and putting them in their cars. He told them to put the window frames back and said they initially refused. Only after he threatened to call police did the girls put the window frames back, he said.
It doesn’t stop there, however. Shepherd said people are even crawling under the houses now to take mementos. The old mill village houses aren’t safe, Shepherd said. “They’re everywhere they’re not supposed to be,” Shepherd said. “They’re just pilfering through everything.”
  I now address those specific people responsible for this madness: CONGRATULATIONS to each and every one of you who were responsible for the ultimate closure of the District 12 set. You have officially ruined things for the entire class, and you are the most selfish fans I have ever had the misfortune to even hear about. I’m all for this set closing to the public because if enough people are not respecting the movie set that we hold so dear, then it rightfully should be closed. 

Rant by Courtney, Source from Hickory Record via TheHob

The Hunger Games Toasting Ceremony
A woman usually rents a white dress that’s been worn hundreds of times. The man wears something clean that’s not mining clothes. They fill out some forms at the Justice Building and are assigned a house. Family and friends gather for a meal or bit of cake, if it can be afforded. Even if it can’t, there’s always a traditional song we sing as the new couple crosses the threshold of their home. And we have our own little ceremony, where they make their first fire, toast a bit of bread, and share it. Maybe it’s old-fashioned, but no one really feels married in District 12 until after the toasting.

(Source: theoldswingsetoftears)