Draw Peeta, Katniss, and their babies. :)

Finnick Odair in his underwear (hey that rhymes)

I bet Finnick would have been a fan of Michael Jackson.

Katniss shaving Lady while Peeta takes a bath.

Results of 2 drawing requests from intruder and snew!!

Quiet night tonight. Tell me something to draw Hunger Games related!

Ridiculous or not. And I shall draw it poorly! :D :D


During the holidays I went to a fancy restaurant where the tablecloth was actually paper so I drew this little ditty.



Katniss sketch I did using RatGirlStudios tutorial!

Hey look people are actually using my tutorial.  It kind of gives me warm fuzzies inside that someone actually found them useful.

You should do a tutorial on the rest of her! I need skeletal assistance!! Even if its just a video of you drawing, I don’t need words!! Your brush strokes are words of wisdom to me!!