Let them have a taste of their own medicine.

Nikola-Nickart STRIKES AGAIN!

What do you guys think of Meta Golding being cast as Enobaria?

Read all about it HERE. So what are your thoughts guys?


Submitted by runningupbuildings

I love your drawings! Thanks for submitting!

30 Day Challenge #2

Day 2: least favorite character.

I think I said Enobaria for this one last time. Cato, Clove, all the tributes that make Katniss’ time in the arena very difficult are my least favorite. They’re cocky and think they are better than anyone else cause they are part of the career pack. Some of these characters, Cato for example, make it a mission to find and kill Katniss. I wanted so badly for Katniss to fuck his shit up. He’s just fucking jealous she was the freakin’ STAR of the Hunger Games and not him. So I guess I’m saying Cato this time. :D