I drag myself out of nightmares each morning and find there’s no relief in waking.

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Hangs with Sam Claflin at The Quiet Ones premiere

Last night we attended the L.A. premiere of The Quiet Ones and got to chat briefly with Sam Claflin aka The Claf! Pictured above, the meet and greet with Finnick himself with our fansite friends from HGGirlOnFire and Mockingjay.net!

After finishing his last press interview, The Claf turned around to our group and yelled “HUNGER GAMES!” quite ridiculously to which I laughed obnoxiously. Lionsgate Movies actually caught this moment on film:

 Sam was amusing and charming as always, and of course very excited for fans to see Mockingjay Part 1. I asked him if he minded being called The Claf since we’ve been calling him that for some random reason, to which he said he didn’t mind and that he wasn’t sure if it was a good or a bad thing as he was called “Claf” in high school. Well kids, *THE MORE YOU KNOW*.

We also spotted Stef Dawson on the red carpet, who of course plays Annie in the Mockingjay films. As it turns out, the fansites all got to chat with her for awhile during the after party. She is super nice, funny, and easy to talk to! She also mentioned that she is anxious to tell people all the hilarious stories that have come out of the Mockingjay film set.

Super fun night! Make sure you guys check out The Quiet Ones this Friday, you know, if you’re into the whole scary movie thing.

Welcome to District 12 and fan site friends hangin with Finnick


" So that’s who Finnick loves. A poor mad girl back home. "

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Oh god the feels to end all feels

One day we were fighting some imaginary monkeys in this lodge in the middle of Hawaii, when suddenly Jennifer let out this god almighty scream. She thought something had hit her in the bum. As it turns out, my trident whipped her in the ass.

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