All in one post we have the swag, the merch, the signing, and the interviews that came out of Comic Con 2012 this past weekend.

Photo Credits:

Signing - HG Facebook

Signed BluRay Cover -

Katniss poster - Ollivanders

Lionsgate booth and Neca line - @KGirl0724 Via @Alow8111 (on twitter)

The Hunger Games Magnetic Story Kit - 250 Words!

I went into Toys R Us to kill time, and stumbled upon their glorious Hunger Games section with full blown character stands, action figures, and WAY MORE!

I honestly never thought to look there!

NECA Merchandise! Check out what the fan sites got!

Check out our post to see where to buy this AWESOME stuff, what the fan sites got, and who’s giving it away!!

Hey guys, remember this reblog? Last Christmas there was oodles of Hunger Games merchandise you could buy in retail stores. Now….there’s almost nothing. :( But I wouldn’t worry too much because there will be so much stuff to buy next Christmas you won’t even know what to do with yourself.