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We will be discussing a frame by frame trailer breakdown!


Theresa from Down with the Capitol, Crystal from and, Courtney from Welcome to District 12, Kait from Victor’s Village, Amanda from HG Girl on Fire, Natalie from, and Ariel from Nerdy, Wordy, and Over Thirty.

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You can bet we will be heavily discussing these poster on tonight’s #HGFiresideChat, the COOLEST HG podcast around!


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Episode 85 of Hunger Games Fireside Chat will air live this Monday, November 19, at 10pm ET/7pm PT! This week, our panel of experts will include some of our fabulous friends from Down with the Capitol, Kait from Victor’s Village, Courtney from Welcome to District 12, Ariel of Nerdy, Wordy, and Almost Thirty, and Crystal from and (go check out her EFFIE CUPCAKES).

The Meadow: #HGFiresideChat Promo

Head over to District 12’s meadow to find out what Monday’s HG Fireside Chat will be about!


“The Power Hour”

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Episode 28 of  Hunger Games Fireside Chat will air live on Monday, October 10, at 10pm ET/7pm PT! This week, our panel of experts will include some of our fabulous friends from Down with the Capitol. We’ll also be joined by Sam of District Tribute, Kait of Victor’s Village, Natalie of Crushable, Ariel of Nerdy, Wordy, and Almost Thirty, Courtney of F*** Yeah District 12! and Welcome to District 12, and Amie of HG Girl on Fire (she’s also the official recruiter for @District7PN!).

What do we have planned? Well…before we say anything, we’ll be talking to Amie about her miraculous run-in with longtime crush Josh Hutcherson. Amie has not been shy about revealing her affections for Peeta, which naturally carries over to Josh. What were the odds that she would actually bump into him — literally!? Let’s just say the odds were definitely in her favor.

So of course, we’re going to play a round of: What would you do if you ran into Josh Hutcherson?

And also…BUTTERCUP WATCH 2011! Make sure your cats are listening, because this is going to be better than tuna.

- We’ll kick off the rest of the show by sharing the latest Panem October-related news (as well as some advice to help you keep the odds in YOUR favor throughout the experience).
- We’ll weigh in on Woody Harrelson’s self-described “comedic approach” to Haymitch (if you haven’t yet seen that article, click here).
- Given that TheCapitol.PN‘s recently unveiled District 5 seal features the symbol for nuclear power, we’ll chat about the plausibility of a Panem run on nuclear energy.
- On a similar note, we’ll also discuss why District 13 was developing nuclear weapons before the Dark Days.
- We’ll conclude with Pick a Page and Cave, Marry, Kill.

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