You’ve toured the sights of District 4 and left your heart with the one and only Finnick Odair – now, don’t forget your souvenir T-shirt before you leave! 

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I’ll be selling my Everdeen Charcoal shirt on TeeRaiders.com THIS SUNDAY at midnight EST through March 6 for ONLY $10!

IT GLOWS IN THE DARK GUYS! GLOWS! This is the first and only time this shirt will be offered with glow-in-the-dark ink! And TeeRaiders tells me that the shirts will be printed quickly and shipped before the movie premiere on the 23rd!


Remember our post about the HG shirt I got from Things From Another World at Citywalk? Well, they tweeted us and said that there’s more HG stuff coming to their store!


Fire Is Catching! Join Katniss the Mockingjay and District 13 in the fight against the Capitol!

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