Catching Fire Trailer IS HERE!!

Also check OUR TWITTER for some fun facts about filming that the cast mentioned during the Catching Fire panel! Photos of the panel will be added soon!


The new Hunger Games Trailer from the Grammy’s in LQ.  New angles, and more.

Reminder: Hunger Games 60 second trailer airing during Pre-Game around 3:30 EST and 5:30 EST




In my opinion, this is how you spoof The Hunger Games! Really really enjoyed this video!

We have only one critique….WHERE’S THE ORANGE BACKPACK?!!?

Evil Iguana Productions have done other spoofs as well, to see them check out their YouTube Channel!


Victor's Village: A Fantastical Realization of The Hunger Games Trailer

Written by admin Tiffany!

This is a great post, and I was pleasantly surprised to see of all people, it was our own Tiffany. If you have been in the fandom when casting news was happening, we were extremely adamant about unknowns being cast. Well, it looks as if, against all odds, we got our wish.

LOL I was just showing my brother my 3DS and he made a doodle inspired by a certain trailer I showed him last night…