Alex Minsky.

In case anyone wants a more intimate look at our District 7 hero. He’s an actual hero. He’s an ex-marine turned male model post-traumatic amputation courtesy of a land mine. He is spectacular.

THECAPITOL.PN Celebrates District Heroes

The release TheCapitol.PN spoke of is here and looks to be the beginning of Mockingjay’s marketing. Yahoo! has released Panem’s “District Heroes”, honoring the small citizens who contribute to the success and flourishing of Panem. No doubt to distract us from the truth, RIGHT GUYS?!

You can also check large images of the District Heroes and compelete MANDATORY registration for Capitol TV @ the newly designed THECAPITOL.PN
So it seems The Capitol is “appreciating” it’s citizens in the face of all out war. Which leads us to wonder…… too little too late?

Finally some action from @thecapitolpn !! Stay tuned!

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Life in District 12 isn’t really so different from life in the arena.

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