Jennifer: Don’t worry sweetie, you can put your entire body weight on me!

Isabelle: This is my entire body weight!


LOL I’ve been waiting ages for someone to gif this!

Thanks to Aldrin for vlogging at the Walmart Hunger Games DVD midnight release party!

We asked:

-The meaning behind “PUT YOUR COFFEE DOWN!”

-favorite video game

-favorite Umami menu item

-what is your opinion on sandwiches? (Tumblr request from whenweredreaming) Which, by the way totally ended up being the best story!

Check out our post about the event!

A Night of Awesome

We got to interview Dayo Okeniyi and Jack Quaid!

We asked them some ridiculous questions, and got them to sign a poster, which of course we shall be giving away in the future. They were THE NICEST and absolutely hilarious. We will be posting all about the interview sometime soon, so keep a look out!

#HUNGERGAMESDVD Release Party Time!!

In just a few hours we’ll be livin’ it up at the Santa Clarita Walmart havin’ hangs with Dayo (Thresh) and Jack (Marvel). We’ll be tweeting up a storm so make sure to follow:

-our Twitter: WtoD12

-Our INSTAGRAM (username WelcomeToDistrict12)

We also want to hear about any nifty midnight release stories, whether they be at a Walmart or ToysRus or a party you held yourself! Send us stories and pictures to

We’re going to the Santa Clarita Walmart #hungergamesDVD event! Got a question?

What RIDICULOUS question should we ask Dayo and/or Jack Quaid? Tell us!