Who do you want for Peeta?
  2. seannclark answered: NOT Josh Hutcherson, Hes in EVERY SINGLE MOVIE. I don’t even think he can act… he has 2 emotions, slightly-irritated and regular. 
  3.  specificityeames answered: HUNTER PARRISH. 
  4. laurendear answered: Hunter Parrish :) 
  5. turnoftheearth answered: HUNTER PARRISh 
  6.  fabaa answered: I havent seen any of the choices act, so based on looks its either Lucas Till or Alex Ludwig 
  7.  twiffidy answered: Hunter Parrish or Josh Hutcherson!
  8.  helenbumblebeetron answered: HUNTER PARRISH
Peeta Casting Could be Decided by Tuesday!

Despite an earlier report from DatelineNY that stated Josh Hutcherson was the frontrunner for Peeta,  a source has told our allies at The Hob that no casting decisions have yet been made.  Where the speculation that Josh is the top choice comes from, we are unsure, but we do know that this information is not being leaked by the actors or their representatives, all of who are under strict confidentiality agreements.  So, these speculations must be coming from someone who has knowledge of the casting process. Whether or not they are correct or not remains to be seen.

Which brings us to the most exciting news:

 The Hob's source has also revealed that the casting for the role of Peeta in the Hunger Games film could be decided by this Tuesday:

All of the actors who tested for the role of Peeta already have their contracts in place with the studio. So at the end of the test period - which is Tuesday - the studio will chose one of the actors and it’s a done deal; the actor chosen cannot opt to turn it down since they already have a contract.
This means that a decision on who will play Peeta should be made by Tuesday, and hopefully an official confirmation on the decision will be announced by Lionsgate shortly after.

So, if  The Hob’s source is correct, then in just a few days we will know Lionsgate’s choice for “the boy with the bread!”  We are unsure if we will be hearing an official announcement on Tuesday or not, but  according to the source the negotiations are all ready complete, so it is certainly possible!

Please note: No information has been learned about the timetable for Gale’s casting as of yet.  At last report, no mention was made of screen testing for the actors in the running for Gale, so we are unsure whether casting for that role is progressing along the same time table or not.  We certainly are hoping that we will hear about Lionsgate’s choice for Katniss’ best friend at the same time as Peeta, but currently there is no indication that we will.

Who do you hope they pick?