Fearnet.com Interviews Ve Neill, Makeup Designer/Artist for The Hunger Games

Fearnet.com interviewed Ve Neill about the designing process of the makeup for The Hunger Games, along with prepping for Catching Fire and being a judge on the show Face Off. There’s even mention of the infamous Seneca Crane’s Beard Facebook page!

The Josh Hutcherson Fansite Roundtable of Doom!

Guess what, guys! We, along with your other favorite fansites, got to interview Josh! Check out what question we asked and what Josh had to say!

Donald Sutherland gushing about Jennifer Lawrence:
  • Interviewer: So I was just talking to Jennifer Lawrence and she was-
  • Donald Sutherland: You were talking with one of the most brilliant actors of our time.
  • Interviewer: Wow.
  • Donald Sutherland: Oh my goodness. No question.
  • Interviewer: Oscar Nominee? Jennifer Lawrence, yes?
  • Donald Sutherland: No question. You look at that child, you look at her on screen you will see, sometimes Elizabeth Taylor in National Velvet. You look over there you'll see the Mona bloody Lisa!
  • Interviewer: Wow.
  • Donald Sutherland: She is extraordinary. And she takes into herself that character so perfectly, so emblematically.
  • Interviewer: She's just a very emotional actress on screen. Like you can really feel what she's feeling.
  • Donald Sutherland: No, she's not playing on emotions, no. She is an actor who is capable of filling a character with intelligence, with sensibility, with innocence, with emotion, everything. And with her strength. Ahhh. She is brilliant.
First of all, I’m a fan, so pleasing myself is half the battle. Obviously the fact that Suzanne loved it instilled in me that I had been properly calibrated and my tonal sense of the material was coming through. In terms of pressure, I don’t know. I felt an excitement and opportunity to dive into something that I love. Anytime you write or direct anything you are also the audience or the reader. You want to give them the same thrill you had when you first read the book.
- Gary Ross, SFX Magazine interview. Check it out!