Check out the iTunes trailer the Hunger Games Facebook posted!

Check it out here!

It gives you a look at exclusive features if you buy it on iTunes. Remember, you have to buy it on iTunes, not the digital copy you get with the DVD/BluRay!

Lionsgate Launches 'Hunger Games' Viral Marketing | Hypable


Head over to (Pn as in Panem), to sign up with Twitter and tweet the viral phrase. Nothing else to see or do besides that (just fuzzy imagery and mechanical noises). It’s possible this could be some kind of “which District are you in” sorting app, but we’ll see. 

Also, that four tone melody that played at the end of the trailer (presumably Rue’s call) is available for free on iTunes in all of its 6 second, eerie glory. 

This has the potential to be really cool!  Also, just to clarify, this is separate from PanemOctober, and is officially from Lionsgate.