The reason that I love The Hunger Games cast

“Dayo, put your coffee down.”

“Put yo’ coffee, down.”

Put your coffee down.”


can i be their friends

And this is where I direct you to the video where we asked Dayo the story behind “Put your coffee down!”

Jacqueline Emerson ~ A Smile A Day :): 18!


Hi everybody!

Sorry I haven’t been on since I got back from Africa—everything’s been a bit crazy! Anyhow, I just wanted to share some of my thoughts with you all as I open up a new chapter in my life.

I’m turning 18 tomorrow. I am going to be a legal, real, adult.  Wow.  I honestly never thought this day would come.  On the flipside, I don’t feel any different.  I don’t think I will wake up tomorrow and say “I’m an adult now.  No more kid activities for me!” (or at least I sincerely hope I won’t haha).  In the true spirit of “Peter Pan,” I don’t think I’ll ever be an “adult.”  My inner child shall live on! ;)  

This past year has been absolutely amazing.  I have experienced so much I only ever dreamed about.  One of the greatest parts has been being able to share it with you all.  Thank you so much for your constant support and love.  I have been brought to tears on multiple occasions by your kind messages and videos.  

Light and love can be spread in many ways.  It can be by smiling at someone in the street, or by writing a heartfelt note.  It can be given through a hug, or given through a look.  In this next year of my life, I want to spread as much light as possible.  We can change the world one smile at a time :)

Thank you all for constantly inspiring me. 

Lots of love, 

(The 17 year old) Jacqueline

Spread the Light <3

Happy Birthday, Jackie!! WE LOVE YOU!


We hung out with our fansite friends, the amazing Jackie Emerson, and saw 20 minutes of special features!

Full post coming soon….


I asked @charlenekaye for “Katniss high-fiving Harry Potter” (Taken with instagram)

I went to Starkid’s Apocalyptour on Thursday. Charlene Kaye has a deal where if you buy a tote, she’ll draw anything you want on it. Here’s mine!

Also I talked to Miss Foxface herself Jackie Emerson while waiting at the valet. She was incredibly nice and we talked about the Hob signing and meeting all the fansite runners, which Courtney and I were at.

Celebuzz interviews Hunger Games stars at the world premiere for their 100 Days of Hunger Games

4 videos total, embedded at the link. Interviews include Josh Hutcherson, Liam Hemsworth, Gary Ross, Dayo Okeniyi, Jackie Emerson, Amandla Stenberg, Willow Shields, Paula Malcomson, Alexander Ludwig, Isabelle Fuhrman, Jack Quaid and Leven Rambin.

Here’s the Q&A with Josh Hutcherson, Jackie Emerson and Isabelle Fuhrman on the Chicago mall stop on the Hunger Games tour! Plus we’ve updated our post to add more pictures!