The tapes are marked with the year of the Games and the name of the Victor. I dig around and suddenly find one in my hand that we have not watched. The year of the Games if fifty. That would make it the Second Quarter Quell. And the name of the Victor is Haymitch Abernathy.

Maysilee Donner steps out of the woods. “We’d live longer with two of us.” “Guess you just proved that,” says Haymitch, rubbing his neck. “Allies?” Maysilee nods. And there they are, instantly drawn into one of those pacts you’d be hard-pressed to break if you ever expect to go home and face your district. x

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I know you’re in there because you promised me once
so I’m just gonna wait till you come out.

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Finnick and Annie Short Episode 6 - Mainstay Productions

The final episode! I’m sad there aren’t more, it’s been a real treat to see this story come to life. Huge congratulations to Shylah Addante for writing this story. The most quality aspect of this entire webisode series has been the writing. Phenomenal job!

Finnick and Annie Episode 5 by Mainstay Productions
Written by Shylah Addante