Food from the Hunger Games:┬áPrim’s Basil Wrapped Goat Cheese

Learn how to make Prim’s Basil Wrapped Goat Cheese, first mentioned on page 4 of the Hunger Games by Suzanne. With this snack, you’ll be ready for the Day of Reaping.

30 Day Challenge!

Day 17: The Worst Death


Hands down, Prim. There’s not much to discuss here. Prim is who Katniss has been protecting for the entire lengths of the book and just as Katniss is about to reach Snow’s mansion to finally end the tyranny, she watches her little sister get blown to bits. There was nothing more traumatic and heartbreaking, in my opinion.


Primrose Everdeen | Elle Fanning

I could get down with this. Not the girl, but her playing the role. :D