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Review: The Hunger Games

There’s not much more that needs to be said about this than what’s already out there, so I’m going to keep it short. Every word of critical praise and fan devotion is 100% earned. The Hunger Games, as a movie, is not resting on its built in audience and massive buzz. It is in fact the real deal and transcends all of the hoopla surrounding it, with old-fashioned, high-quality filmmaking.

The movie manages to actually improve upon its source material. Added scenes form a broader perspective that enhances the portrayal of the universe. The most impactful of which happens to be one that Katniss in the book would never have been privy to and in Collins’ timeline is revealed much later. Rather than being put off by some of the more kinetic cinematography, I thought it reinforced the film’s modernity. Those complaining of a gutless, light, PG-13 wash may have missed the point. The biggest problem is that Gary Ross and company have set themselves up for quite an undertaking with a 2nd, 3rd, and perhaps 4th movie. 

If you’re not a fan, not familiar or not interested, I’d highly suggest you reconsider.  If the massive buzz is putting you off, ignore it, wait a week or two and see this in theaters. Aside from its ubiquity, The Hunger Games is a flat-out great movie.

Thank you popculturebrain guy for convincing people to see this truly great movie. As huge fans, we’re trying to get normal people to look past all the hype and give it a chance. We love this story for its intelligence, inspiration, and messages. It’s the complete opposite of Twilight, so I’m sure now you can see our frustrations over the past year regarding the comparisons.


  • It’s a very thorough review
  • Small spoilers, we don’t give anything huge away, just little details
  • We discuss the transition from book to film, special effects/CGI, the score, costume and makeup, acting performances, overall feelings, and what FANS should know going in.

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