As of right now (Friday night), Sam Claflin has NOT been officially cast or “confirmed” as Finnick.

He is RUMORED to have been offered the part. He is RUMORED to have accepted it.

All of these sites that are reporting that it’s “official” are doing so erroneously and displaying a frightening lack of journalist integrity. NOTHING is official until it comes from Lionsgate.

Obviously, this rumor might be true, but it might also be totally false. Remember when John C. Reilly was “in negotiations” to play Haymitch? He was never even up for the role.

Please make sure you’re following @lionsgatenews on Twitter for all official casting announcements. Also keep an eye on — if it’s not there, it’s not official.

I know this is all annoying and confusing, so let’s just all cross our fingers and hope we don’t have to wait too much longer.

Just a reminder…

Word on the street is that it’s possible there might be a Hunger Games SuperBowl commercial. Stand by while we try and track down the truth!

People are reporting that there is a HG tease on tonights ET. If anyone has any proof of this, do not hesitate to let us know!

‘The Hunger Games Exclusive Scoop From Find Out Which Character From The Book Didn’t Make It Into The Movie!

Huh. Well if this is true, the pin thing is a little off but its something I can live with. Also, I figured they would get rid of that character anyway. Although I love love love that character, she just doesn’t play a big enough part in the overall story to include her in the adaptation.

Josh Hutcherson and Liam Hemsworth are the Current Frontrunners for Peeta and Gale

Ok, I kind of really want Hunter Parrish for Peeta, so I hope they are at least considering him. Josh Hutcherson I’d be totally ok with, and Liam Hemsworth in any role I don’t really want because I’ve heard his acting is not up to par. People who have seen him act, please give me your blunt opinion!

Has Jennifer Lawrence Received an Offer for Katniss?

We have new information from a source stating that Jennifer Lawrence has received an offer to play Katniss Everdeen in the Hunger Games film.

This is a reliable industry source we are receiving the information from, however until Lionsgate or Lawrence’s reps confirm, (which is unlikely to occur unless the deal is accepted), we should still treat this as a rumor.

As you might recall, just a few days ago we posted an article by Lainey Gossip, who reported that Jennifer was the front runner and close to landing a deal. The story went on to say that in the audition, Jennifer really went for it and she blew them away”.  

Possible Hunger Games Movie Filming Locations and Schedule Revealed

I hope this is legit cause I think we’d all love it if the movie came out in 2012 rather than 2013, or God forbid, 2014.