So it seems that James Newton Howard is the new composer for The Hunger Games. Yay or nay? Thoughts?

If you’re confused, Check it HERE

Could Danny Elfman Score The Hunger Games Film?

He does say it would be interesting to score something different than what he does, but I don’t think Hunger Games warrants his style of scoring. Don’t get me wrong, Danny Elfman is a musical God. No doubt that in the event of him scoring the movie it would still be a great score, I just feel like his style does not match up with Hunger Games at all. I would prefer traditional and classic movie scoring. As long as it has the same feel that Sam Cushion's unofficial score has, I'll be happy. Thoughts?


So excited! District Tribute’s unofficial score for the #HungerGames is amazing! And now there will be a new one for #CatchingFire on May 1, 2011! So hope they continue and do a #Mockingjay one as well!!


GORGEOUS. no words.

Still have yet to hear the Hunger Games unofficial score in its entirety, but SO EXCITED that they are continuing to do the other books.