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Jack Quaid: The Hunger Games Felt Just Like Summer Camp [Interview]

Hi. Just wanted to give you a heads up, we got a new interview with Jack Quaid. He talks with StarCam at the HollyShorts Film Festival about starring in “Sitting Babies” and playing the babysitter who has a slight crush on the mom. He also talks about what it was like filming “The Hunger Games.” Check out our YouTube channel (Starcam Celebrities) or just follow the link to watch it. Thanks!!!

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Because we could all use a little more Jack Quaid in our lives.

Hunger Games Party

i am having a Hunger Games birthday party next month any ideas?

Might wanna check out that post I reblogged yesterday, or you can always google for ideas. Hunger games recipes is always a solid choice. Get creative! Also, when I’m lacking inspiration, I always head over to Pinterest.

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Catching Fire - The flower Snow leaves for Katniss at her house.

Main image of the window generously provided by Jack Blundell, with the flower and Mockingjay being added by myself :)