Victor's Village: A Fantastical Realization of The Hunger Games Trailer

Written by admin Tiffany!

This is a great post, and I was pleasantly surprised to see of all people, it was our own Tiffany. If you have been in the fandom when casting news was happening, we were extremely adamant about unknowns being cast. Well, it looks as if, against all odds, we got our wish.

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Do you see that expression right there? That’s the face of a girl who has just volunteered to save the person she loves the most in the entire world, for an event in which she will most certainly die. Of course she doesn’t regret it, but there is so much sadness and fear there. But there is also a hint of that spirit Katniss is famous for. She won’t go down without a fight. But the problem is, for her to even stand a chance, she is going to have to kill people. Other children. And worst of all, she is going to have to kill the boy that she is looking at right now, the boy who saved her from dying many years ago. The boy who took a beating so she could live. How can she possibly kill him? 

Anyone who still thinks Jennifer can’t pull this off is fucking blind. Every expression on her face for the entire two trailers is completely genuine and believable, and so very deep with all of Katniss’ conflicting emotions. She is perfection.