UPDATE: #OLTM  21.08.14

It seems that all these photos are landmarks from around the world, one guess could be a world tour for the premiere of Mockingjay part 1, but it seems like two are from Italy so maybe I am misreading that. Either way, something is coming tomorrow!

If anyone has received any other photos from District 13 aside from the three we posted, let us know!! #OLTM


I accepted the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge and tag Seth Rogen, Jesse Tyler Ferguson and Nathan Fillion to do it next. 

I encourage everyone to take the challenge and donate to the charity today. www.petefrates.com

Francis Lawrence, Nina Jacobson, Julianne Moore and Alexander Ludwig have done the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge!

We’ll update if we find anymore.


We’ve added Elizabeth Banks, Willow Shields and Liam Hemsworth!

“You don’t forget the face of the person who was your last hope.”

(Source: taylor-swift)