Update on the search for the PASSWORD!

The appearance of capitolcouture.pn has changed!

In the source code we have this:

Whether you're a Capitol fashionista seeking inspiration for your latest look, or a District citizen tracking rumors about the Tributes and other celebs, Capitol Couture is Panem's only source for fashion & culture news, guides and trends.” 

Also there is a theory that the password may somehow be linked to The Vanity of Wishes, a poem in Latin that was put on TheCapitol.PN temporarily accompanied with a tweet some time ago that has since been deleted:

@TheCapitolPN: Citizens of Panem: Those who cannot remember the past are condemned… #WhatsMyDistrict

Earlier today, @TheCapitolPN tweeted this:

Citizens seeking entry to CapitolCouture.PN would do well to remember the past — the words you seek are ones you’ve heard. #HungerGames74

What do you guys think?

[note: ' is code for an apostrophe so we doubt it’s a clue]